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Due to the nature of both North Florida and Texas's inferior public transportation infrastructure, coupled with its sheer size and urban sprawl, most people require automobiles to secure employment. Thousands of people would be paralyzed if avenues other than traditional lending institutions did not exist to enable sub-prime individuals to finance automobiles. The Company is thus able to assist the community by providing people with the opportunity to re-build or establish a credit history, and to obtain and maintain employment by helping them finance an automobile for both personal and commercial use.

Autojax Finance, LLC purchases used car retail installment sales contracts generated through a network of independent used automobile dealerships located throughout north Florida and Texas.

The Company emphasizes quality customer service and the building of strong personal relationships with its dealer network. By offering its dealers highly personalized service, Autojax's financing programs are widely accepted by the market.

Autojax Finance, LLC is a full-service automobile finance company that lends money to individuals with limited or poor credit histories to finance the purchase of used automobiles.

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