Had a car going back to the dealer?   Had to file for Bankruptcy?  Any other Credit issues?

No games - No lies - No Time Wasting!!!

Please read:

1.Our quick credit app is free of charge and does not require your social security #.

2.We pull your credit only after you test drove the vehicle and are sure you want it.

3.Due to the large amount of credit applications we recieve, we will contact you only if we can help.

4.We will not contact you if your down payment is too low, so please write down the maximum you can do.

5.We will not play games, will not lie and will not waste your time!


(*) ALL Fields must be filled out. if you don't know the answer or if it is none applicant please type "don't know" or "N/A". (i.e)

Applying with a co-applicant that resides in the same household(Spouse, life partner, family member) usually helps application getting approved.
If you are applying with a co-applicant, please enter your information following with a SLASH mark ("/") and then the co-applicant's information for every field you are filling.

(*) What is your Full Name :
(*) How did you hear about us ?

(Ex:  craigslist, Drive-by, Referral, Facebook, Google, newspaper, Radio, BackPage, YellowPages, Angie's List, Billboard, Flyer, TV ad, etc..)
(*) What's the best number to reach you at?
 Ex: (972)245-2850
(*) What is a good Email address for us to follow up with you regarding this application? :
(*) What is your Date Of Birth (mm/dd/yy) :

 Ex: 09/31/70


(*) Who is your current Employer :
(*) What is your position :
(*) What's your TAKE HOME (i.e after tax and deductions) income ?
(*) Is that Weekly,Bi-weekly,Semi-monthly or Monthly?
(*) Time on job (in years) :

 Ex: 1 years and 3 month
(*) Other Form Of income?
Please write how much you make/what do you doand how long have you been doing that
 Ex: Pizza delivery for Domino's, make $200 per week, been doing it for the past 6 month

If less then 3 years on the job please fill previous employer information as well

(*) Previous Employer :
(*) Previous Income and pay periods :

 Ex: "$400 take home per week"
(*) Time on previous job (in years) :

(*) Gap between previous job to current (in months):


(*) Time in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area in YEARS :

(*) If less then 10 years in the DFW area, Please provide the states (and years) where you lived before :
Ex:  "San antonio 2011-2013 before that, all my life in Louisiana"

(*) Time in current address :

(*) Address :
(*) City :
(*) State :
(*) Zip :

If less then 3 years in current address fill previous address information as well

(*) Time in previous address :

(*) Previous Address :
(*) City :
(*) State :
(*) Zip :


(*Any repossessions?
Please write how many did you have/ the years repossessions took place/ Who was financing the vehicles/ how long did you had teh vehicles for / what were the payments on the loans
Ex:  "I have 2 repossessions.  first in 02, financed with Capital 1, had it for a year, pmt was $400 a month. The second was in 06 financed through Drive Time, had it for 3 years, payments were $250 every 2 weeks"
(*Any bankruptcies?
Please write what chapter, the filling date , if they were dismissed,discharged or still open and in what year were they dismissed/discharged.
Ex:  "I filed for chapter 13 on July of 2008. it was dismissed " or "I am currently in chapter 13 since September of 2007"
(*Any foreclosures?
Please write when did the foreclosure took place, for how long you had the house for and in which state :
 Ex:  " I had one foreclosure , it was in May of 2005 in California and I had the house for 10 years"
(*Any payed off vheicles showing on your credit?
Please write when was the payoff how long was the loan for and who did you finance it with :
Ex:  " I paid off 2 cars - 1 in 06, had it with Chase and the note was for 3 years. the second was with Westlake financial, the note was for 72 month and I paid it off in 60 month. back in 07"
(*Any open car loans in your name?
Please write down who is the lender/What is the payment/how long have you been having it and if you are planing on keeping it or surrendering it
Ex: " I have a car financed with GMAC for 3 years now, payment is $650 a month, planing on surrendering it."


(*) Which Vehicles are you interested in ?

 Ex:  black 03 Nissan Altima or full size pickup
 What is the Maximum Down Payment you can do?

 The More you put down, the better your chances of been approved
(*) What is the BI-WEEKLY Payment you are looking for :

 Ex: $500-$550 a month - Remember that the more you can put down and the more you can pay a month the better the deal you'll be getting
(*) If we can not qualify you for your first choice of a vhicle, or sold it before you could come to the lot, what will be your 2nd and 3rd picks?
Tip: having cheaper options will increase the chances of your application been approved.

 Ex:  2010 Accord or 2008 Impala
(*) In case neither one of your first 3 picks can be done, are you open to other options?

 Ex:  "Yes, I just need something good on gas / I just want a pick up truck/ just need a small SUV etc." or "NO, those are the only vehicles I'm intrested in"
(*) How soon are you looking to purchase the vehicle?

 Ex:  By the end of the week or Today or In about a week or two
 Additional Comments:
As used in this paragraph “I”,”me” and “my” refer to the applicant and co-applicant signing below, and “you” and “your” refer to the financial institution listed above and any financial source to whom this application for credit is submitted.
I represent warrant, and affirm that all of the statements made by me in this application are true and correct and have been made by me in order to induce you to grant credit to me with the knowledge that you rely on them, I reaffirm, represent, and warrant that I have no outstanding obligations to any bank, loan company, corporation or individual except as shown on this application and that no suits, judgments, or legal claims of any kind whatsoever are now pending against me unless I listed them.
I agree that this application shall remain your property.
I authorize you to order a consumer report from any consumer reporting agency and to exchange credit information with others in connection with this application.
You may request and use subsequent consumer report, in connection with an update, renewal or extension of the credit or which this application is made.
I Hereby authorize you to check my credit and employment history and to answer questions about your credit experience with me.
By signing below, I consent to your sharing information you receive from and about me with your affiliates and others, including information that my be used to offer insurance, investment products and other financial services to me.

This application for credit may be submitted to various financial institution.
By submitting this form I here by authorize an investigation of my credit and employment history and the release of information about my credit experience.